Corporate Services Series – Part 1: Business After Incorporation

Incorporation is a significant step for new entrants to the business world. It provides businesses with status as a legal entity and the protection of limited liability, but also opens the door to a whole new variety of potential legal challenges and requirements. While it is possible to incorporate without a lawyer, safely piloting through the business challenges that follow is often more easily done with an experienced lawyer. DBH LLP offers a variety of corporate services and competitive, job-specific estimates. Part 1 of this Corporate Services Series explains some of the standard corporate services offered by DBH LLP. This set of services address challenges that both new and established corporations regularly meet head-on. Retaining one of our experienced legal team to efficiently handle the legal aspects of your business, leaves you free to dedicate your time and energy towards accomplishing your business goals.

  1. Employment Contracts

As corporations grow, many begin to hire employees. Initially employees may just be friends or family, but having proper employment contracts in place protects both the employee and the business they serve. DBH LLP is familiar with all aspects of employment contracts, whether they be for businesses ranging in size from limited employee “Mom & Pop” enterprises, to established multi-employee commercial enterprises. If your corporation is looking for efficient legal solutions, DBH LLP has an efficient legal professional to match.

  1. Negotiating and Drafting Rental and Lease Agreements

A sometimes overlooked corporate service provided by DBH LLP is a review of your lease or rental premises contract. The space a business operates out of can either improve or limit growth depending on the flexibility, freedom, and commitments built into the lease agreement. Sometimes this freedom and commitment is readily recognisable, and sometimes it is a little more buried in legal terminology. DBH LLP’s legal team has drafted, negotiated, reviewed, and re-negotiated lease contracts for a variety of industries. If your business is looking to lease space to operate out of, DBH LLP is likely already familiar with many of the potential pitfalls and special terms the agreement might require.

  1. Licensing, Products Exchange, Joint Ventures… and more!

Having a DBH LLP legal professional on retainer for your business allows you to tap into a wealth of legal experience when you have questions. For example, perhaps the slower economy has opened up an opportunity for your business to move into a better space, but this will necessitate a break from your previous lease to take advantage of the new rate?  Or perhaps, slow growth or other factors have created the opposite effect, and now your business is being threatened with insolvency. Maybe your business has been approached by a friend, colleague, or other corporate entity with a proposal for a joint venture. Are you considering opening a franchise, or taking on a licensing agreement to try out your entrepreneurial prowess? Maybe the complimentary business across the street, or one of your suppliers, has realised that it is more economic for you to exchange products in-kind than to continue to redundantly purchase from one another. Whatever the circumstances, DBH LLP’s legal professionals can and have negotiated, drafted, and accomplished positive client outcomes in all of these areas, and more.

It is possible to operate your business on a word and a handshake, but it is not always possible to untangle a misunderstanding or an honest miscommunication after the fact if nothing is on paper. Unfortunately, without a written agreement or contract to refer to it is also often extremely difficult to protect a business from malicious damage. Having even simple legal paperwork in place at the outset can save you and your corporation not only a headache, but serious capital, if anything goes wrong.

If any of the services discussed here have piqued your interest, our legal team at DBH LLP is ready to work with you. Part 2 of our Corporate Services Series will discuss some of the more technical corporate services that DBH LLP offers.